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Bud Swenson said:

I really enjoyed our conversation on the phone today and am looking forward to talking to you again. I plan on buying more from you in the future. Thanx again, BUD


Kevin Fisher said:

I'm interested in one of the argentine mauser engineer carbines, definately want gun with complete bolt. it would fit nicely into my collection, I don't have anything from south america yet and already have something from almost every country in europe.


Derrick Gentry said:

Thanks Jerry, It was so nice talking to you. It is so nice to talk with a person that knows guns like you do. When you get that new gun out on the market let me know I want to be one of the first. And I thought only nice people live in the south Thanks again, Derrick G.


Dale Scott said:

Thank you sir,This was a great transaction .I bought from you a 1891 Argentine Engineers Carbine,and a bolt completer kit. The completer kit had a part missing which you promptly replaced. I test fired the carbine today, just to see if it will go bang. it does quite loudly too. Thank You Dale Scott


Ples D. Walker said:

I like what I see, especially the prices. Fund what I was looking for. Model 1891 ARG. Rifle. Have been looking for a bent bolt for awhile. Shotgun News is also a great help. I with Larry Cowart. :0 )


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