Recon Ordnance Company

Machine Gun Parts

 Part   Description of parts                                       $$$$$
   M249 SAW Receiver Rails (set of three)  $N/A
   M249 Receiver Trunnion  $N/A
   M2 50 cal bolts (stripped)  $400
   M2 50 cal barrels (Carbon steel)  $N/A
   M2 50 cal barrels  (Stellite lined)  $600
   Sterling Slings  $25
   Sterling Mark4 parts kits  $495
   G3/HK91 Field Manual  $20
   HK-21 Field Manual  $25
   M3 M3A1 "Grease Gun" Barrels NEW NO NUT  $125
   M249 Barrel Assemblies complete  $500
   M203 Barrels "take offs"  $N/A
   HK-21 Magazine adapters  $N/A
   Colt Moniter Flash Hider New production  $400
   MG-34 adapter for the MG3 Tripod  $125
   Japanese Lewis LMG front and rear AA sights (new made)  $300
   1928 Argentine water cooled MG belt loader in box  $1900
   Colt 1917 Water Cooled Brass Belt Loader in box  $N/A
   Colt Thompson FBI style hard case (perfect reproduction)  $N/A
   Argentine 1928 water cooled MG panoramic sight (in box)  $1900
   Colt M16 A2 barrels  $N/A
   Colt 9mm Submachine gun parts kits complete all Colt (no lower)  $N/A
   Sten MkII parts kits complete  $N/A
   USGI T & E for the M2 tripod  $N/A
   USGI T & E for the M3 tripod  $300
   M2 50 cal barrel extensions  $N/A
   M2 Barrel Support  $N/A
   M2 Top cover stripped  $N/A
   M2 Retracting slide fixed plate  $N/A
   M2 M3 50 cal Flash hider assembly (complete)  $N/A
   M2 M3 50 cal HB Carry Handle  $N/A
   M2 tripods with T&E for 1919a4, Original USGI M122, Like new!!  $650
   Danish Madsen LMG AA sights  $100
   Argentine 1928 Watercooled LMG AA sights   $300
   Fm 360* tripod for M240 and Maag 58,Titanium construction, includes belt
tray, Reciprocating Pintle, 28 pounds total weight, Brand New Current Issue!
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