Recon Ordnance Company


MP-44 US Compliance Parts and Replacement Parts
MP44-01 Mags guaranteed & identical to Originals(30 ROUND)   $165   
MP44-02 Magazine pouches per pair
MP44-03 Magazine loaders   $25  
MP44-04 Take down tool   $20  
MP44-05 Extractors  (US made to correct function problems)   $55  
MP44-06 Ammunition 7.92x33 Kurz   $85 per 100  
MP44-07 Buttstocks Walnut or Birch with grip panels US Compliant $100  
MP44-08 Cloth Accessory Pouch for Buttstock
MP44-08 Cocking Handles US Compliant $35  
MP44-09  Hammer US Compliant $35  
MP44-10 Trigger US Compliant $35   
MP44-11 Disconnector US Compliant  $35  
MP44-12 Muzzle Nut US Compliant $35   
MP44-13 Magazine Floorplate US Compliant $10  
MP44-14  Magazine Follower  US Compliant $40  
MP44-15 Extractor Springs   $22  
MP44-16  USA new Manufacture Semi Bolts   $575  
MP44-17  ZF4 scope made in Czechoslovakia/ Comes with Sunshield, Rubber eye cup, Snipers belt box with MP-44 Mount and Rings, also includes scope covers.   $N/A  
MP44-18  ZF4 scope covers complete beautiful identical reproductions   $N/A  
MP44-19  Mags for MP-44 (10 round)   $N/A  
MP44-20 Hammer Spring   $20.00  
MP44-21 Recoil Spring   $65.00  
MP44-22 Firing Pin   $40.00  
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