Established 1975

Jerry Prasser formed Recon Ordnance in 1975.  After 35 years in the gun business selling NFA machine guns and destructive devices his reputation is respected worldwide. Recon Ordnance has never been an internet friendly company until now!


Recon Ordnance counts among it's accomplishments:

  • M11  steel magazine development and manufacture in large quantities  with guaranteed function
  • Importing and marketing thousands of machine gun parts kits and rifles
  • Purchase and sales of large collections across our great country
  • Part owner of LUSA USA, manufacturing both select-fire and semi-auto firearms
  • Proudly supporting and supply of the US military and Law Enforcement
  • Recently facilitating the importation, rebuild and fitting of US compliant parts on 200 highly prized, German made faithful reproductions of MP44's in semi-automatic
  • Respected Thompson submachine gun aficionado


You can trust Jerry Prasser and Recon Ordnance to supply a quality product at a reasonable price.  Shotgun News has been our preferred advertising supplier.  But as we move to catch up with technology we find folks are increasingly asking for pictures and background information on our inventory.  It is impossible to post everything here, but we will do our best to provide inventory pricing and pictures to satisfy that need.




***Please know your STATE regulations for

magazines and parts.

PLEASE CALL! With inventory that can change MONTHLY, WEEKLY, DAILY - Jerry feels the best way to communicate is in person or over the phone.


We will spend the time necessary to get you the right product for your needs or happily point you in the right direction.


All buyers or interested parties are encouraged to CALL!

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